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Why is personalised education important?

The average class size in Australian primary and secondary schools is 24 according to the “Education at a Glance” report. Traditional learning methods are still very prevalent in today’s school systems which makes us think, how much time and attention are our children really getting on a daily, weekly or yearly basis?

Despite research showing that students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and on all assessments when compared to their peers in larger classes, the benefits are not consistent across all levels and populations. (Blatchford et al., 2002; Horning, 2007).

So in saying that, if school is the only means of getting our children educated, are we willing to accept the traditional modes of learning and expect or anticipate that our children will skim through the system seamlessly? There is no doubt that there might be a few learning and development hiccups along the way, but how effective are schools in their approach in teaching our children particular interest areas that they are drawn towards or intimately interested in? Furthermore, how early on can we start to develop these?

Personalised learning is something that can’t always happen 24/7 within a school environment but imagine the benefits of adopting this approach that we could teach our children day in and day out. The reality is, there aren’t enough hours in the day or week to ensure that each student gets the personalised instruction they need to move to the next level (Delaware, 2022).

Personalised learning is great especially for us tutors and teachers because it allows us to work 1:1 with students without losing sight of the needs of what schools expect as a whole.

Personalised learning rethinks the time, pace, place, and approach of how we educate our students and that is what private tutoring is all about.

Rather becoming the teacher that talks the entire lesson, tutoring allows us as tutor/teachers to become the facilitators of student learning.

Personalised learning also allows us to feel more connected genuinely with our students and opens up the opportunity to track and improve overall student learning and their practice.

Tutoring is something that allows individual student needs to be targeted and assessed with the ability to road map their very own personalised path to success. Sometimes tutoring is all that is needed in order to get your child back on track with their learning. It also allows for a boost of confidence and motivation to also take place during the process.

Focused attention and interests are core elements that are required to learn, and I know that is something at Real Stuff Matters Academy that we truly focus on and support. Without interest and motivation, learning becomes challenging and almost impossible. That is why, we love to teach universal topics, general knowledge, and life skill contexts to our students as it makes learning so much more meaningful and impactful too.

If tutoring is something that you are thinking about but not sure if it’s the right thing, then send us a message and we would be more than happy to provide you an insight to what it is and how we can specifically help you and your child with their learning, today!

Happy learning!

P.s. If you want to check out some of our awesome learning resources, click the image below and visit our range of printables.

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