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I'm Cassandra! I'm a mum, wife and your Go-Getter English Teacher who is passionate and qualified: 

~ Over 7 years Teaching experience and community work.

Bachelors Degree In International Relations & Policy Writing – Deakin University.
Masters Degree, Human Rights & International Law – Deakin University.

National Teaching Accreditation – Sydney Institute of Higher Education.

~ 100's of student taught throughout 2021. 


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Helping parents become their child’s best teacher! | Parent resources & Lesson plans

Real Stuff Matters Academy™ is a new school of thought that aims to challenge the status quo in traditional methods of teaching.

By teaching you the ins and outs of English literacy, time management and organisation, it is through these subject matters that I hope to instill greater levels of confidence in you so you can achieve more with your child.

Let's Learn...

As a mother and an English Teacher who loves to self-learn, these digital printable resources, have all been uniquely created. I hope these motivate you as much as they do for me and my children...

The Jordan Collection 2 yrs +

This collection has been inspired by my 2 year old son’s speech and language journey. He was assessed by doctors in having speech delay. This collection is a testimony to what he is now able to communicate. With time and a bit of love, your child will be able to learn these too. 

For everything he is able to pronounce, memorise and acknowledge, I have created printouts for them. 

Teach your child 2yrs +  with these beautiful print-outs that will truly spark their joy for learning.