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Hello,  I'm so excited to have you here!

I’m Cassandra and I am a qualified English teacher, proud mother and founder of Real Stuff Matters Academy™. I have worked with 100’s of families and children over the past 7 years with a strong focus on English literacy and learning motivation. 

I first started Real Stuff Matters Academy™ in 2017 and each year, I have learnt how to better help my students in achieving academic success. ​

I'm of Australian Micronesian heritage and incorporate a lot of my cultural values into my teaching methods and overall approach. These include, respect, work ethic and of course excellence. Being a woman from an Australian and Pacifika background, I have a heart for Bilingual/Multilingual families.

When I was young and in school, my mum didn't know about tutoring or services that could help her kids strive even further in the education space. Today, I am closing that gap by providing high quality English tutoring and mentoring to 100's of students around Victoria and beyond. 

I believe that education and love of learning starts in the home and hope to inspire and energise you in wanting to desire the same lifestyle too. This is important to cultivate especially for parents and families. 


At the academy we aim to help parents and caregivers in getting in control of their child’s educational journey; whilst equipping them with the skills and resources to act, to do and be brave with their learning. 



I have a Bachelors and Masters degree from Deakin University plus my Teachers Accreditation which has been nationally accredited from the Sydney Institute of Higher Education. Coupled with this are 1,000's of hours of teaching and mentoring that I have done over the years here in Australia and abroad which have perfected my teaching style and delivery. I say this because, I want you to feel the assurance that you are working with someone who is jointly qualified and passionate in the field of Education. 


I have seen and believe in the benefits that higher education / entrepreneurialism  can offer and by mentoring and bringing greater understanding in the benefits of completing school to our students which will ultimately open up multiple pathways for the future. 

I just want to finish off with thanking you for being here and I hope you do try one of our tutoring classes or utilise our resources and experience what the power of learning is and how imuch of an impact it can bring to you and your family. 

Keep shining that bright light of yours, 


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