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Top 5 benefits of having a private tutor.

Do children really benefit from tutoring? As a parent who may be going through some of the questions and wondering whether it is for you or not, I feel that at times we might feel overwhelmed with making that final decision for ourselves too.

Tutors really are secret mentors and I say this because our primary goal outside the learning is to establish a genuine connection with your child. There is definite learning that we can do and yes, we can smash through a lesson plan in the time allocated but what is important to us, and the true essence of private tutoring is establishing a positive relationship with students and parents.

To break it down: I wanted to list the top 5 benefits that come with having a private tutor:

Here goes:

1. Improves attitude towards learning and school: Attitude is everything and we want our children to have the right attitude when it comes to learning. We focus on strengthening their overall attitude by keeping them engaged and motivated in a very focused and controlled way which is great in helping with attention and focused levels too. Overtime, their attitude shifts and a deeper appreciation and understanding towards learning in general becomes more appreciative in the eyes and hearts of the student.

2. Encourages their independence: Having your child privately tutored will allow for greater independence to flourish within. Why? Because your child is not hiding behind another head in the classroom when in a private session. It is literally all about them and their given 100% attention the entire time. So, in saying that a level of independence is developed within them as they become responsible in managing their own learning, speaking up, sharing, and communicating their own thoughts too. How awesome would it be to develop a confident and independent learning? Private tutoring can do just that.

3. Individual learning experiences: With classrooms being filled with lots of different personalities, it can be hard to accommodate individual learning goals for each child. That is why private tutoring may be the answer for you because you are wanting that extra support for your child or perhaps you can see them doing well or needing help in a particular area and wanting to provide some additional support.

Personalised learning experiences are seen as a way to break through any potential learning barriers whilst working with your child in helping them reach greater heights. What a better way to have that focused time with a private tutor to help with your child’s strengths whilst working and developing on their struggle points.

4. Helps overcome learning obstacles: Obstacles are always going to be something that we will need to go through whether it is now or in the future, but our job is to identify when an obstacle becomes bigger than something we can personally tackle. That is when we can try and work out what we can do to help our children grow and thrive.

5. Improvement of social and behavioural skills: Is communication an issue or something that you are wanting to work on? Well, we have great news to share because communication is a skill that we truly value and aim to teach in each of our lessons. Without communication, it will be hard to share, connect and respect other people’s ideas and thoughts. It is through private tutoring that we can really tailor the areas associated with needing to help your child grow and thrive in their social and behavioural skills. Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of time and attention to elevate a student’s ability to learn; this can be achieved in private online learning classes with a private tutor.

As you can see, the benefits of having a private tutor outweigh the reasons not to. Perhaps you have had a bad experience from a previous one or thought they would be too expensive or perhaps feeling quite unsure on the whole concept. Regardless of the reason you are telling yourself or perhaps holding onto, private tutoring should be seen as a way forward and way for you to experience that very much needed learning for your child.

We know your child has so much to give in this world and I believe that they do too. Why not allow us to help them so they can achieve great things and work not at a classroom pace but at their own pace without making them feel pressured or overwhelmed.

Let Private tutoring become part of your weekly commitments and watch how it can further develop and compliment the clever child you already have.

P.s If you are wanting to trial out our online tutoring classes, please send us an email or fill out a contact form. We would love to work with you.

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