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How can Parents create and nurture their goals?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I was recently prompted with this question when going through some of my favourite quick reads online. Seriously what a straight up kind of question this one is right?

With life going faster and faster as we get older, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and all the commitments and exhaustive to do lists that all just seem to never end. So, I’m going to ask you a question. Have you ever tried asking yourself what do you really want?

Okay okay, I don’t know want you to get too overwhelmed with this question but the beauty of asking yourself ‘what you want’ everyday may actually help you do that very thing that needs to be manifested and ultimately done.

Stopping for a moment when you get into the car or just after you take a sip of coffee in the morning may just be what you need. If I ask myself, what do I want? It’s a list of things with the first being happy.

Happiness is honestly one of my most precious states to be in because it’s exciting, it’s joyful and also confirms the goodness of what’s happening in my life in that current moment. Most importantly, happiness for me is truly experienced when I am with my family doing the simplest of things. Those moments are truly precious.

If being happy is what you want too, we can then unpack this question a little more and by doing so, peel back another layer so we can unfold what is actually required to achieve this state. What steps are required first off in order to achieve happiness in your life and ultimately being with your family?

For some, it might be a matter of making better choices and decisions and implementing better processes within your daily schedule. Focusing on the overall goal which is being happy and then back tracking and understanding, what needs to occur in order for this to be achieved is the first step.

I’ll tell you friend, it’s much easier to look at your daily schedule and commitments and reassess whether these items are either serving you or having you being served. I hate feeling like a bag of mixed feelings and withholding assorted moods.

These may harbour some serious back sliding vibes and may make you feel as if there is just no way out. I know this because I have been there. The mind is a serious battlefield at times and if you have been stuck in a routine for the past few years without thinking that there is no hope for change to occur, I want to be that person that tells you today, you ultimately have the power to make that change. You really do.

You might not know this now but checking in on yourself is such a game changer. I kid you not. The moment you look at what are some of the small things happening in your life is all that may be required.

You may just need a little nudge in order to rework certain routines and commitments.

Myself personally, I do feel that I am a workaholic and I do overwork myself so when moments of rest come up, it’s important to look at what needs fixing or changing so you can be a better you. And so you can achieve happiness.

We are constantly working towards goals that better serve us and our future. We are working towards that higher level of calling that our heart yearns for the most. I just want to encourage you and let you know that you aren’t alone.

There are so many others in a similar situation feeling stuck in a rut. The question is, have you asked yourself ‘what you want the most’? The next step which not many people are willing to do or act on is, going out and actually making the small changes, telling yourself every day that what you are doing is needed and important.

Remember friend, you need to hype yourself up and get excited for the work that you are doing. If you aren’t excited about what you are doing, then who else will be? Let’s not leave this one up to chance. Take that step and own it now friend!

With Love,


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