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Quantify your life

So today I had a reflection day which was very much needed and this word actually came into remembrance so many times that I had to stop and actually think about it and that word was “quantifiable”. 👀

When we pour our time into certain things, we can quantify the energy that has been poured into it and calculate and measure its totality. We can do this for ourselves and I’ve learnt to not ignore quantifying significant things happening in my life and in @real_stuff_matters

When you look at your journey from the beginning, whatever that looks like to you, I want you to think about the hours you have previously invested into something that is of significance to you; the number of unbelievable opportunities that have come your way, the number of lives you may have impacted or be impacting. 🌈🌏

Now, when we look at these numbers or reflect on each of these moments and quantify them “collectively”, we can conclude that our actions when in direct alignment with our purpose are quantifiable and POWERFUL beyond measure 😭🙏🏼✨

I know what your thinking, maybe we have adopted a mindset that doesn’t allow us to really think like this or to quantify our past steps to quantify where we are now?! Why is that we sometimes think like this? I’m asking myself these questions too. It’s not until I actually get prompted or faced with a breakthrough moment that I can see the steps I have personally endured that are all quantifiable.

When I spend time writing my thoughts down at the end of the day, it solidifies a lot of things including my own journey of where I started and where I am presently, to where I am heading. 🌊

Questions for reflection: 🪁🌤

1. What steps in your life do you consider to be quantifiable and in line with your purpose?

2. What excitement are you internalising that can be expressed and shown outwardly?

Thank you for reading my end of day reflection 📖 Goodnight and dream well ✨💤 💛

Cass xo

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