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How to be on top of your child's learning and development?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I know we hear it all the time and it’s hard to understand all the big things that we have on our action item list within a week’s period. Fitting in our child’s learning seems to feel like the biggest task to even achieve let alone taking that first step and actioning it.

Working from home during this global crisis has been a blessing for a lot of parents out there who if you were watching intently are able to see and observe your child’s behaviour for the first time ever for an extensive period of time.

When I did a phone call with my dad yesterday, he has been counting how many days we have been in Lockdown, and it clocked up to 243 days residents of Melbourne (my home town) have been in Lockdown and unable to leave their homes. Whatever your working environment may look like or whether you have stopped altogether because of other factors, you are evidently home more than ever before.

What this means is that we can for first time be forced to really observe our child’s behaviour and moreover start to think about what to do about both their weak and strong areas of their learning. To be, to do and to take action of how your child is learning, how they absorb things and how they respond in certain situations is ammunition for later on.

As a parent, you have the authority and power to take action and make the necessary steps when it comes to learning in general and also more importantly, how your child chooses to learn and ultimately, what interests them.

So I will put forth this question, do you know how your child learns best? What makes them tick, what is their favourite way in working out a problem? What interests them and what do they struggle with? What stimuli, environments, and people are they exposed to on a regular basis? How often do these externalities attract or influence your child’s learning and development?

Are these factors benefiting or retracting their learning journey?

Are you scaffolding their learning? As in are you guiding there with them and interacting and guiding their problem solving and figureoutable scenarios?

Being a parent allows you to be involved with your child’s learning and development ever so intimately. You as a parent are a key player in their upbringing and even in their conquest of knowledge acquisition and exploring the world as they grow.

I have created a free 7 step Master Class Guide that will show you real "Strategies to Help your Child Learn Better". Grab a drink and pen and start writing down some of the things that may help you.

I know you may be thinking this, how are you meant to know all the requirements for their schoolwork and development journey? The best secret is that you don’t need to know it all, but you do need to be involved to an extent that makes you feel somewhat in control of their learning output.

This is so crucial because when your child gets stuck in a rut or feels overwhelmed with something, they will remember that you are there to help them when they need it the most. I know this sounds quite obvious and so simple but the truth is that your presence and support in those moments where you are protecting them, guiding them and supporting them with their learning will later on become a source of opportunity when your child does enter those unknown territories.

Evidently, your presence is the simplest most effective way in ensuring your child feels supported with their learning and development Give it a go and watch how powerful those consistent moments of togetherness when it comes to aiding in homework, reading, speaking and listening all unfold and benefit your child for the better.

Big love to you parents.


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