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How to achieve more when you're a busy parent?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

One of things that helps me to get through my crazy week schedule is having good systems and routines down to a science formula. There is no way that I would be able to do all that I have to in the time allocated to me. It just wouldn't happen.

That's why having your time filled with absolute purpose is a must. One thing I am an absolute supporter of is having a whiteboard schedule in my home office. It doesn't need to be in an office but it's definitely in a space that makes me think and align all my 'to do list' things all at once.

I love visualising my time and seeing what important pockets of time I can schedule in advance to allow myself to fit more into the day. As I write this post to you now, I began writing it as soon as I had put my son down for his midday nap. I'm super lucky because he has turned into such a great sleeper and even his midday naps allow me to create content and further my business objectives without compromising my role as a mum or wife. It's these little pockets of time that I truly feel immersed in my work as well as fulfilling my purpose and passion. It's my special time of the day where my creativity lets loose. I love it!

I do work a lot and I know this because of the amount I achieve in short periods of time. It's in my nature. I am a workaholic which is hard to admit at times but I am working on channeling my wanting to work with other things that are just as important to me. I have always been a hard worker and for the longest time too.

What I love about this topic is that it makes me realise what I do and how I do things with the time I have. We all have the same amount of hours in a day that's been allocated. Some how I am able to do way more than I think and achieve more with less time.

It does sound crazy and not knowing what I am doing is actually huge, deserves a bit of praise and insight into how I go about it.

For me, waking up with purpose is absolutely important. I pray for purpose every night before I get my night's sleep. I hope that everyday I wake up, I will wake up with gratitude and with purpose. This instinctively allows me to desire purpose everyday and because of this, it has already manifested and happens quite naturally.

I could be going about my day and all of a sudden, I'll have a mental check in and assess whether I have achieved something important for myself, my family and my business. It could be big or small or it could be partial.

Forcing yourself to reflect on these little moments of success is so important and it's paramount to remind yourself to reflect throughout the day otherwise you might find yourself feeling as if you didn't.

Nothing too crazy here but this is just some of the simple ways that help me to achieve more in less amounts of time.

Apply these processes and attitudes to your life and watch pockets of time and opportunity make its way to the surface.

I'd love to hear what you do in a 24 hour time period. Share in the comments below.

Cass xo

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