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Focus on the Purpose!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I recently had a conversation with someone that I look up to and I was asked the question, 'What is my end goal'? Are all my actions and hard work over the past few years still aligning to what I am doing currently? Really great question and timely too.

Being focused for me involves having a game plan, a strategy that ultimately helps me 'win' at all the things I set myself out to do. As I'm writing this to you, I am also writing it to myself and actually trying to remind myself of how important it is to remain focused when our thoughts can become lost or forgotten.

I was listening to a podcast a while back and it mentioned to take note of the times within a calendar month that you notice when you aren't performing your best. Note them down and mark those days with an 'x' or something to remind you that those were the days that you didn't perform so well and or you were feeling down or demotivated. Equally, take note of the days that you notice yourself being on fire and high performing; mark those days with a green tick or 'x'. This will help you keep note of the days that you find yourself being focused and action oriented which will allow you to really see and notice any patterns in your 'focus' ability; and on which days you are being the most optimal.

I find myself a few days before I start a new tutoring term to feel incredibly overwhelmed. I'm not sure why but I do find myself feeling a bit unsettled and overwhelmed with just the smallest tasks. It makes me think that perhaps my overthinking has something to do with all the pre-planning and organising of the classes. On that note, I must make sure, that I don't overwhelm myself with work and other things because that could compromise a lot of other aspects that are all occurring simultaneously.

Being focused makes me feel in control and makes me feel super determined. I love doing 1 thing at the same time despite my mind sometimes thinking of multiple things. I don't know about you, but I struggle with taming my thoughts. My thoughts are constantly thinking of new and exciting ideas that although a great trait to have, it can also leave me feeling utterly exhausted. I have become a big fan of post-it notes and every time I have a new idea, i write it out and stick it on my office wall. Some of my most recent prayers were to control these thoughts and to keep my focus more in control.

What is the immediate thing that I need to do that connects to the long term goal? A quick question like this can help encourage and strengthen my thoughts and enable me to regroup and reaffirm important tasks.

Being focused takes discipline and self control. The word 'focused' is an adjective and means directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim. This means that focusing on the specific task at hand involves our attention and ability to care about completing it.

I have learnt that being focused and caring both go hand in hand. We can be focused on a task but if we don't care, it creates greater difficulty. An approach that I choose to help motivate my focus and care factor is to pin point the benefit within the task. I look at the effort to benefit ratio and I try and focus on the latter to motivate my desires in provoking more effort.

We are responsible for our work and responsible for our time. It's important to ensure we align our focus with our purpose always in order to finish things when we say we will.

To help you get focused grab my tips on how to get focused here!

Cass xo

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