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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Thinking about those crazy times when our minds are just full of ideas rushing from left to right…I think that this is my life at a constant sometimes…

What about you? Do you feel that your mind is constantly going in different directions? I have this really challenging habit of having a “go go go” mentality and sometimes I can get caught up in all the adrenaline and don’t take a moment to process and rest.

As I write this to you, I am thinking of what enables me to control my thoughts and being able to take advantage of activating the free space that sometimes my mind needs. I crave freedom in thought because my mind is always thinking.

If I let it run, it will just go, go go and before I know it, something breaks, and that my friend is usually me. I am guilty in crashing at times and it’s happened a few times this year when work, life and family are all working at rather accelerated speeds that go beyond my control.

I have been focusing on ways to intervene before this happens and some of the strategies that have worked well is looking back at what’s been on my checklist and what has been done.

If you look at an entire week’s worth of work and quickly jot down all the things that have been completed, think for a moment if some of them were big ticket items. You know the big achievements that kind of have you thinking that it was almost impossible to do.

Note them down friend and then reassess for a moment when was the last break you had? When did you take a moment to “stop” and do something that was relaxing or restful? I am super guilty of this as it’s hard for those of us who are absolute go-getters and are always moving the needle in our day to day lives.

I am prompted to reflect on the week I have just had and when I list up all the things I have achieved there is a lot that’s been done. This simply means, I must tell myself “to stop” and “rest”.

Take a rest day and do something you love that forces you to not use your brain at the elevated level it’s used to operating at. Sometimes, if I’m not physically working away, my mind could still be.

One of the best things that helps me stop and slow down is spending time with my family and being ever present. I used to play with my son and be thinking of a million things whilst building blocks and trying to entertain him.

Instead, I have seen how positioning and shifting my mind to really be intentional and fully present in the moment forces me to not think about other matters outside of the present moment.

Being a mum has really helped me in this department because our children really do force us to slow down and focus on the small yet significant moments. Although I always crave brain stimulation, my son has really taught me to be present and still with him. Who would of thought this would be hard.

I love having my day broken up into different areas that require me to swiftly transition into work Cass to Mumma Cass.

What truly helps with this, is taking a deep breathe, focusing for a 2-3 seconds on where I am… what is in front of me…. and what I desire to relax my mind into…..

Have a go at taking a short moment when you catch yourself overthinking next.

Happy resting,


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