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Hey There!

I'm Cassandra

English Teacher, Edupreneur, Wife & Mother

Welcome to our study room, our classroom, our library, our home.

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I'm a self motivated Australian Pacific island gal, who loves teaching English confidence by empowering both parents and young kids be the best communicators and writers they ought to be!

 I have worked with 100’s of culturally and linguistically diverse  families and children with a strong focus on English literacy. My main work is centred around writing, communication, and learning motivation. Being a woman from an Australian and Pacifika background, I have a heart for Bilingual/Multilingual families. I aim to help parents and caregivers in taking control of their child’s learning; whilst equipping them with the skills and resources to act, to do and be brave with their learning.

Grab Your Free
7 Step Guide for Busy Parents

I am so excited to have you here. It’s hard enough to be working, running a home, being a parent on top of trying to be super involved and self motivated with your child's learning too. I get it, it's tough. 


That's why I have created this mini Master class guide to help you be more in control with your child's learning. Grab a pen and paper and take down any notes that may light you up again.

Get ready to learn simple strategies to help you get your child's learning on track today!

This Master Class Guide has been created to help you be that awesome teacher to your child right now, without over complicating all of the information out there.

Say no more.

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Real Stuff Matters Academy is a universal school that aims to challenge the status quo in traditional methods of teaching.  I know what it's like to struggle in learning something new and I want to teach you how to you can teach yourself anything. By teaching you the ins and outs of English literacy, it is through this subject matter that I hope to instill greater levels of confidence in you so you can achieve more; whether that's personally, academically or professionally! But most importantly, teaching you how to teach your child how to learn.

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Learning English in a brand new way. Expand your reality into a new way of being

What would happen if we learnt a new way of thinking and seeing the world around you? Learning English becomes the way to give yourself some distance to really meet your shadows and regain your full creative power. You could be the one that teaches your child these perspectives 

Do you feel that you know English literacy enough but not in a way that you can teach your child how to level up their overall English literacy? 

English literacy is the four components of English language: Communication, reading, writing, and listening.  

I'm here to teach and mentor you in properly learning how to be an awesome teacher for your child. 

...While enjoying the process and having fun of course...


Being a patient parent can be hard when we are super busy but in all honesty,we are always going to be busy whether you have one, six children or more.

Our children become our priority therefore we need to ensure we project manage both our personal and children’s priorities in order to make 'wins’ with their learning. 

You got this. Hand clapping all of you parents and caregivers who multitask like a boss and still make your children’s education a priority. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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