Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the classes taught?

All classes are taught online via zoom. We send a zoom link 24 hours prior to the class starting.  Be sure to check your junk mail as it sometimes ends up there...I don't know why...We teach via a virtual whiteboard where students can see the teacher's camera and whiteboard and are able to take notes and interact throughout the duration of the class. 

How can I prepare my child before a class starts?

Have you child log in a few minutes before the class begins, Headphones work best for sound quality if they are in an open space. Have children enter the room on mute to minimise background noise . We encourage children to have their cameras on in the class, just to be respectful of others who also have theirs on.  It's also nice to see students when you are teaching them too. Questions will get asked and students are welcome to use the Live Zoom chat to communicate or raise their hand. When prompted, children will also be asked questions during the class to help with elevation of confidence. 

I have more than one child that is around the same age can they join the same class too or do I have to pay separately? 

If you have children from the same household in the same age group of classes for e.g. the 7-9 year old class, you only need to buy one class purchase as the other children can join in with their siblings and learn. The classes are LIVE and online so one purchase for that age group is all that is needed. 

How many students are in the group classes? 

Each class is capped to half a normal classroom size. This is to allow focused learning to take place whilst allowing us an opportunity to  work with smaller groups. On average 12-15 students or less are in each class.


I have two children who are in different age groups and I want to purchase 2 different class bundles can I do this in one transaction? 

Unfortunately due to the nature of our bookings system, each age group class course   will need to be purchased separately. This also goes for casual purchases too. 

I have booked the first class only as a casual, how can I book the next one?  

The casual classes will be listed at the start of each week so please  revisit our sight at the start of each new week or log back in and book the following class once it is up. It will be listed for the following week only. This only applies for casual class listings.

I have two children but would like them to log in separately on their own electronic devices, but I have paid for the age group class, can they both use the same link? 

Yes, if children are from the same family and are in different locations, they can use the same link and be in the same class. Some siblings prefer to learn in different rooms and have their own laptops and that is allowed also. The link sent to you will be the same. 

Will homework be provided? 

Each class there will be homework provided for students to complete during the week. This is not mandatory however highly recommended. We encourage parents to check homework and to  email completions through. We would love to receive them and may also showcase their work on our social media pages. 

We believe at Real Stuff Matters that the best way to learn is to learn about real problems that matter. Our learning  topics used to teach English are taken from the top ten unsolved world problems listed from the United Nations. These topics are important to learn as it gives your child an introduction to a global mindset whilst understanding big picture problems. It helps activate the possibility of igniting passions that serve the world at a young age.

Your child will learn how to write, communicate and read better whilst learning exciting worldly topics.

If we haven't listed your question, please email us: